Sunday, February 8, 2015

Between the Book and the Film...

There are an abundant amount of differences between the Hunger Games book and film.  Being the first book I had actually enjoyed, I was able to pick the missing pieces of the book that were not in the film easily. Obviously, there are the similarities between two as well, but the makers of the film cut out a lot of small, important details, which could have developed a clearer impression with the audience.

Starting out with a few similarities, the love interest for Katniss (more like love triangle) is portrayed very well in both the film and the book. Peeta projects his love for her once he is interviewed by Caesar Flickerman. It is more certain with the film due to Josh Hutcherson's acting ability to create the embarrassed, sensitive, love ridden adolescent; this made picking up that his love was real. Not forgetting Gale, in the film, there are breaks from the games that cut to Gale watching. I noticed Gale was peeved by the scene Katniss passionately kissing Peeta; therefore, Gale must have some feelings for his hunting partner. Jealously does not sprout out of nowhere. Gale's initial feelings for her have been threatened by the boy with the bread. In the book, it is very much the same, but Katniss, since the book is in her view, explains her feelings for both Gale and Peeta: how she feels, how she reacts, what her thoughts are on both of them, etc.

Another similarity is the glorification of how inconsiderate the Capitol is. In both the book and the film, the citizens that live in the Capitol are shown as individuals who only care about the surface of the tributes. When Peeta and Katniss are in the chariot, the citizens are only considering how elegant they look in their clothes. Even when Peeta and Katniss raise their hands interlocked, the Capitol only sees a pair of tributes who might be displaying love or unity with one another. In reality, Katniss is not very good at displaying any sort of PDA, especially with someone she just met.

Regarding the differences, there are a multitude of scenes that I could choose. One difference that really hits me in the face is the way Katniss is portrayed in the film compared to the way she is in the book. While I was watching the movie, I noticed her personality seems to be more standoffish and unattractive. Don't get me wrong, Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful actress, but watching the movie, she seemed rather undesirable based on her actions and words towards others. For example, the scene where they enter the Capitol Circle on the chariots show us how she did not want to be there. The people of the Capitol were overwhelming her, it even seemed that she was not interested in pleasing the crowd. Peeta even tried to grab her hand to help her relax, but Katniss did not want to hold his hand initially. In the book, Katniss is gripping onto Peeta's hand prior to their grand entrance to ease her nerves. Along with that, she accepts the applause and appreciation the people of the Capitol--she is waving, blowing kisses, and raises her hands interwoven with Peeta with unlimited adrenaline.

The Hunger Games


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