Sunday, February 15, 2015

Between the Book and the Flim...PART 2

Just like the first book and film differences and similarities, there is a bunch of discretion and diversity between the two for the second book and film Catching Fire. Films, again, have a high tendency to leave specific, nitty, gritty details out that were stated in the book; sometimes, they even put their own twist to portray a scene, a character, a setting, etc. Having power to re-create the story can go either good or bad. There may be scenes not depicted correctly or appropriately. There may be actors who are the wrong person to be the specific character. However, there are times when the makers of the film are able to show the book very well to its audience where the criticism is minimal. 

Talking about one similarity and one difference, the book and the film both provide a great image and appearance of the arena during the Quarter Quell. I enjoyed watching the film where all tributes were supposed to swim from their starting spots to reach the land of the arena. Not knowing how to swim has given me more admiration to this book/film because I wish I was able to do that. Both keep the concept that the arena is simply a clock of misfortune; whatever region of the arena that the tribute(s) reside will be their fate. The horrors consist of acid fog, blood rain, a tidal wave, carnivorous monkeys, jabberjays that repeat the sounds of loved ones screaming for the tribute, and some are not even mentioned. Withstanding all of thsoes obstacles while trying to defend against the other twenty-two tributes is no walk in the park.

Shifting to an example of contrast, which I forgot to mention in my previous post, the huge difference that I found to create a new perspective and viewpoint for me was the narration style of the book compared to the movie. In all three books, Katniss is the main character and telling the story in her views, thoughts, and perceptions. I was seeing through the eyes of Katniss instead of an overarching, ambiguous perspective of the events occurring in Panem, the Capitol, or the arena. It does give a completely unseen and new look on the Games when watching the movie though because of the numerous perspectives, such as Katniss, Caesar Flickerman commentating, or the people back in the districts watching. It develops an overarching idea of what is going on as the story develops. We see Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick battling in the games; then, we see their districts, their mentors, and the Capitol all watching them. So simultaneously, there are two events going at the same time that the viewers can think about during this specific event. In the book, there is not much of that chain of events. Instead, there are flashbacks to Katniss's better days and unforgettable memories. There are also types of foreshadowing that give the reader a hunch that something will soon happen to Katniss.

The Hunger Games
Catching Fire


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