Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reflection On Other's Blogs

Jeremy's Blog:

I enjoyed reading Jeremy's blog where he described certain characters introduced in the first and second books of The Hunger Games trilogy. Much like myself, one of my favorite characters is Finnick; I agree with Jeremy on how he is a bad ass with a trident. However, Jeremy's blog is unclear with certain explanations and details regarding the assignment. Reading his blog, there is no declaration of which Hunger Games book is his favorite. One can infer which is his favorite through his blog description where he is primarily describing Catching Fire. In addition, pictures would be a nice visual for a blog. Jeremy only has a single picture of Rue on his first blog entry. Posting pictures, videos, and visuals for readers is helpful to develop an understanding beyond the blogger's explanation.

Jeff's Blog:

Along with Jeremy's blog, I also enjoyed reading Jeff's blog as well. Reading someone's thoughts gives different perspectives about the blog entries we had to complete. Many individuals in this class have different reasons choosing this specific SIS as a class whether its enjoying the book, inspiration from outside sources, or just because they simply wanted to take the class. Jeff was influenced by his sister to take this class from her love of the Hunger Games. His description of his favorite character is  concrete and justifiable; Haymitch is a favorable character with his witty remarks and drunk outbursts. However, Jeff's blog does not have visuals that pull readers into certain blog entries. Adding different pictures will create a well-rounded blog that many will want to read.

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